10 September 2015

taking stock // 05

I always get asked about my wrap.  It is a Solly Baby Wrap and probably the best investment I've made as a parent.  They just launched their fall line and are offering 15% off until midnight PST tonight with code FW15.  RUN, RUN, RUN!

Making: preschool games and projects
Cooking: PF Changs dinner for two (because lazy!)
Drinking: out of the cup they gave me in the hospital when I had Nolan.  I love that I can keep track of how much water I've had!
Reading: nothing this moment, but I finished For the Love by Jen Hatmaker last month.  MUST READ!
Wanting:  for FALL!  Please cool down
Looking: forward to seeing my sister next week!
Playing: lots of superheroes
Wasting: food.  Gah, a toddler is the biggest waster.  
Wishing: for self-cleaning bathrooms
Enjoying: silence. Gideon's at preschool and Nolan is napping. Hallelujah
Waiting: for Nolan's top teeth to come in.  NEED. SLEEP.
Liking: The Blacklist on Netflix.  So good.
Wondering: why Gideon gets out of his bed to sleep on the floor some nights.
Loving: having two boys!  Their interactions are so sweet.
Hoping: for provision
Marveling: that it's already September!
Needing: to be productive
Smelling: a candle from World Market. Mango and Guava.  I'll wait to bust out some fall scents
Wearing: an Alabama tshirt. 
Following: people on Instagram.  I prefer it over every other social media.  No BS
Noticing: that nap time is over.
Knowing: good things are coming
Thinking: about a Jersey Mike's sub.  Sounds so good!
Feeling: confident being a mother of two.  I found my rhythm.
Bookmarking: fall activities.  Here comes our fall bucket list!
Opening: junk mail. Boo.
Giggling: at things Gideon says.

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