03 October 2015

Nolan // seven months

Nolan Levi | October 3, 2015
Seven months.  We are getting into that super fun and interactive stage of babyhood.  I love this boy, I love this boy, I love this boy.

At his six month well check, Nolan weighed in just over 18 pounds.  He's not hurting for a meal and loves to nurse and eat.  We have done a mix of baby led weaning and some purees if we are not eating something particularly healthy.  He prefers to get real food.  He is currently working on his pincher grasp and is getting better about getting the food in his mouth.

He is a moving machine.  No crawling yet, but the wheels are turning on it and he is starting to turn himself every which way to get to something he wants.  He sits great on his own and loves being able to interact that way with Gideon.  The two of them is the greatest thing to watch.  They love each other like I've never seen and make each other laugh which is music to my ears.

Nolan has been working on his top two teeth all month which has been less than fun.  There were a couple weeks of awful sleep, but he is slowly getting better and going for longer stretches.

Other little things:  Nol started saying "dada" right at six months.  The past couple weeks he has started to say "mama" a ton and even "baba" for brother since "Gideon" is a bit of a mouthful to say.  He loves to sit up in the bath now and splashes so much he soaks the floor and mama.  He is pretty much in nine month clothes and a few twelve month things.  Excited for the holiday season to start and all the firsts for this sweet bear.

Seven months with my baby boy!

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