01 October 2014

Letters // 04


I forgot about my little letters until my sister decided to use the idea towards her October blogging.  So, I thought I could at least bring in October (hello chili season!) with a little letter writing.

Dear October,
I'm so excited to see you again.  You bring all the good things like chili, leaves, birthdays, and an excuse to drink hot chocolate, or at the very least, it keeps the barista from giving me the side-eye while ordering.  Stick around, oh you know, for 31 days and we will have all sorts of adventures together.

Dear nausea,
I'm so over you.  At almost 18 weeks pregnant, I have battled you through almost half of an entire pregnancy.  You can go away now.  I'd like to enjoy food and give in to cravings without thinking about what it will do later on.  Scadaddle already!

Dear Gideon,
I love you to pieces, first of all.  Second, you have got to get over your fear of costumes.  Mama needs you at the end of the month to bring in hoards of candy for my enjoyment (and yours, trust me)!

Dear apartment,
We've had a rocky relationship over the past year.  I can't say that I am going to miss you though.  I'm really looking forward to zero stairs to bring in groceries, quietness above my head, and a yard for me to release my wild monkey into during the day.  I will say that I have experienced much while living in your walls and that I will cherish.  So, I guess in a way, thanks.

Dear Friday morning mamas,
You guys keep me sane.  I can't express how much I look forward to sitting and chatting for over two hours each week without a child hanging off my limbs.  The donuts help, too.  Thanks for the encouragement, the wisdom imparted, and the friendship I find so necessary in my life.  

Dear baby,
Keep kicking up a storm in there, little one.  It delights me more than I ever thought possible.  I take so much comfort in feeling it all.  Also, it would be super awesome if you could cooperate next week and let us have a peek-sy to see who you are.  

All my love,

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  1. This is so fun! I had nausea ALL THE WAY through my first pregnancy, terrible! I've been saying this time that I've been lucky, but now at 22 weeks I'm suddenly nauseated every morning and even threw up the other day!


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