09 January 2014

Letters // 02.

I need you to know that I shot this photo in manual.  I mean, very beginning stages of learning, but I am pumped!

Dear Neutrogena lip crayons,
Where have you been all my nude-lipped life? I hate lipstick, but you, oh you are just the buttery, beautiful solution I've been looking for.  And your colors make me swoon.

Dear Beaufort friends,
I know the temperature dropped drastically this week.  But, hovering around 32 degrees does not constitute a local disaster. It is quite warm compared to my Alma Mater.

Dear hospital,
Please keep your bill.  I did NOT want to use you last month.  And honestly, paying as much as you are expecting, to have an uncomfortable ultrasound by someone you are training, who has no bedside manner and then to be told the worst news ever is not OK.  I hope you understand and maybe you can just lose the bill. K, thanks!

Dear Elmo,
You're a life-saver.  My kid loves you to pieces and often walks around saying, "ah ma." You are particularly useful when I need to make dinner, do laundry, or just need a few quiet minutes.  But, that Mr. Noodles.  I'm not to sure about him.

Dear Nala,
I know you are scratching my couch.  You better watch it, sister.

Dear yoga,
Thanks for kicking my butt.  Literally, two days later my butt still hurts.  Let's make this a permanent relationship.

Dear Taylor,
Thanks for going with the flow when I found out I was late for my appointment this morning.  I know you were still in the shower and I know I had to put our kid in his crib with all the balls from his ball pit.  You are an awesome dad and husband for helping out!


  1. Girl, fight that bill from BMH! I have a friend who had the same situation back in July. She is still fighting the bill. Their charges are ridiculous, and they count on people not fighting back!

    1. Oh, I plan on talking to them about it. Especially since I only saw a PA and not an MD!


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