26 September 2014

Five on Friday

1. First, baby and toddler Chuck's are the cutest, am I right?  I would be perfectly happy to buy Gideon a pair in every size until, well, forever.  But, also glad my sister had two boys and has a plethora of awesome things like these size 6 ones.

2. Today, I got on Instagram and saw that my sister and I both won a Jo Totes camera bag from a giveaway that we had tagged each other in. I've been wanting a camera bag and just couldn't bring myself to take the plunge.  Hello, best day ever to get on Instagram.

3. After nap, I usually leave Gideon in his crib for a few minutes to make sure he is fully awake and semi-happy before getting him out.  Today, I heard him yelling from his crib, "ELLMOOO, I wove you."  His Elmo stuffed animal had fallen out of the crib and I guess he felt the need to reassure him that he did, indeed, love him.

4. I get to eat chili tonight.  I get to eat chili tonight with a bunch of awesome friends.

5. In two weeks, we will know if this in utero-baby is another boy or a lady-baby.  My belly is fluttering with excitement.  Or maybe that's the unceasing kicks that have started.  Blue or pink?  Place your votes.

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