03 January 2016

Nolan // ten months

Nolan Levi | January 3, 2016
Into a new year we go, and on to ten months with this ginger baby.  Time to start planning a birthday party {entirely too much fun for me!}

This has been a month of big changes for our boy.  After weeks of being on the verge of crawling, he woke up from his nap one day and off he went.  He hasn't stopped since. Crawling, pulling up, standing without holding on, and cruising are his favorite things.  It has forced us to baby proof, but it is also nice that he can get around.  I often find him in Gideon's closet, with big brother, playing. This is such a fun age.

Sleep has been much better this month.  Knock on wood.  He is still waking up once a night, but I am hoping as we wean more, he will stop this utter nonsense.  I found him in his crib at 3 am one night, just standing up and smiling. He cut tooth number seven and is working on number eight as we speak, oh wait, there it is. Only twelve more to go.  #teethingisthepits

Nolan learned to clap right after hitting nine months. It is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I have to guard my ovaries when he does it, because mama's not ready for that baby fever to hit yet. All you have to do is say "yay" and he will clap.  One of my favorite parts of Gideon's birthday party was right when he blew the candles out and everyone clapped. Nolan joined in after seeing what was happening.

Other little things: Nol had his first Christmas which was a ton of fun!  We visited the chiropractor again because he always responds so well to an adjustment {he finally started crawling the day after this visit!}.  Our Hulk-man is in twelve month clothes and growing out of size 4 diapers.  His current favorite thing is to play with our fireplace screen and pull dad's giant seminary books off the bookshelf.

Happy New Year {and new month} to our Nol!

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