26 January 2016

Gideon says // 14

+In the car on the way home from church.
 Gideon: I found a boogie.
 Me: In nursery?  Did you put it in a tissue and throw it away?
 Gideon: No.  I put it in my pocket.

 and then recapping this story to Taylor the next day.
 Me: Don't worry I am washing the pants.
 Gideon: NOOOOO!  I want my boogie.

+Taylor: Want to go on a secret mission to get mommy's Christmas present?
  Gideon: And then we go on one for mine?

+While sitting by the Christmas tree.
  Gideon: pointing to the presents.  Tell me what's in these.

+Me: Nolan, I'm going to squish you down to be my little baby again.
  Gideon: No!  He needs to grow and be a big boy.
  Me: I know buddy, I'm just sad he's not my baby anymore.
  Gideon: (In a super compassionate voice) Don't worry, mommy.  We will have another one.

+Gideon's prayer at dinner.
  Thank you Jesus for hamburger, bun, green beans, tato salad, water, um, the top of the bun. Amen.

+Me: I love you, Gideon.
  Gideon: And dad loves me and Nolly loves me.  I love you too.
  Me: You're so special to me.  You are my first baby.
  Gideon: Awwww, that is so cute.

+ Taylor is always joking about Gideon's crack hanging out of his pants.
  Gideon: I have a crack butt.

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