03 February 2016

Nolan // eleven months

Nolan Levi | February 3, 2016
Eleven months.  The last one of these posts before he is a year old.  We are in full party planning mode and I can't even believe it.  Time, you are the worst.

Nolan is a daredevil like I've never seen.  His big brother was our cautious one, but this kid scares me constantly.  No fear.  He can stand on his own in the middle of the room so steady.  He walks with his walking toy and often looks like he will take steps on his own.  Taylor found him in the bathroom on the top step of Gideon's bench, pulling stuff off of the cabinet.  Literally into EVERYTHING.  He enjoys pulling books of the shelf, playing in the fireplace, pulling things out of electrical sockets, and putting anything and everything in his mouth.  To say we have to watch him like a hawk is an understatement.

He is saying a few words {talking much slower than Gideon did, obviously since big bro does all the talking these days} like kitty, mama, dada, gi gi, cracker.  He has been sleeping fine {except when we are traveling} and is only waking once a night.  We are weaning right now and hoping to be done and have him sleeping all night by his birthday.  Right now, he only nurses in the morning and before bed so we are getting close and my freedom is within reach.

Other little things: Nolan is starting to wave and interact with strangers.  He is giving smiles more easily these days.  He is still eating great and learned to use a straw cup this month.  He was a ring bearer in his Aunt's wedding {although he did not go down the aisle}.  He loves to play in Gideon's room and LOVE LOVE LOVES bath time.  We are still at eight teeth but have a few more coming in.

Can't believe you are almost one, sweet boy!

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