31 December 2015

goodbye | hello


There are years that I can't wait to kiss goodbye.  Years riddled with exhaustion, hardship, and strife. Then there are the good years.  The gems, cherries on top.  Twenty fifteen was a winner.  I loved this year.  A year that brought fulfilled promises, full hearts {and arms}, and the beginning of some huge adventures for our little family.

We welcomed our rainbow boy in March and with him came a renewed hope and joy beyond measure.  I learned to juggle an infant and toddler, hopefully with a little bit of grace.  We celebrated five years of marriage and got to announce that we are planting a church in our community starting next year.  So many high moments and so many more to come.

I know that resolutions can be fluid for most and seem cliche.  But, I love to sit and write out a list of goals I have for myself.  Dreams I want to encourage myself to reach for and sometimes putting it out there for others to see is just the motivation I need.

{one} Date my husband.  I would love to intentionally have one date night a month with Taylor.  Kids make it hard.  H A R D.  But, it is so important, and we always come back refreshed.

{two} Me time once a month.  It's so easy to get stuck in the cycle of mommy-ing.  Cutting up food, cleaning up after everyone, jumping from laundry to dishes, to scrubbing toilets, to groceries and losing myself in the process.  Now that Nolan is on the verge of not needing me as much, I am designating some me time.

{three} Being more intentional with relationships.  I find myself in a place where I'm physically losing close friends.  As in, they are moving away {thanks military}.  I don't want my heartache to cause me to push possible new friends away, so I want to be more intentional about seeking new friendships.

{four} Work out at least three days a week.  I always feel better when I do, but nap time is so easy to choose laying on the couch instead.  Butt in gear time.

{five} Be OK with saying "no."  I have found myself in a place of agreeing to do everything.  Then I realize I didn't get to enjoy anything because I am in a constant state of doing.

{six} Seek Him.  I've been so spiritually dry lately.  He's been so pushed to the corner behind the boogie wipes, bath times, and technology.  I want renewal, refreshment and a fire within.

2015, you are a hard goodbye.  Thank you for it all.  2016, let's do this.


  1. So glad it was a great year. Love your goals! You inspire me to get my list on paper!

    1. I can't wait to hear your list! I hope it includes keeping your husband at home and zero deployments!


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