03 November 2015

Nolan // eight months

Nolan Levi | November 3, 2015
It's November.  And my baby is eight months old.  I'm not going to lie, this past month was a hard one.  With teething nonstop, a stomach bug, and a tiny bit of attachment issues, there were more tears than I thought possible and little, little, little sleep.

Nolan is up to six teeth already!  He is getting them in two at a time and one set right after the other. He is looking so much older with those four top teeth poking down and I love his little smile.  But, teething is a beast for him.  Gideon did not have half the trouble with teething as Nol has and I see I was duped into thinking it wasn't that bad.  It is bad.

Sitting up and playing is a big thing now.  He loves interacting with his brother and we even read some books inside Gideon's teepee this month which had Nolan all sorts of excited.  He pretty much only laughs for G, but does get tickled at a game of pee-a-boo.  We are working on clapping and waving right now and I can see his little wheels turning and trying to figure it out.

Nolan is done with purees and any type of baby food and is full baby led weaning at this point.  He refuses the baby food and loves to eat what we are.  He is so good at picking up the food and self-feeding.  He chews really well, too.  I'm happy with his progress and beginning to like that he can just have what we are having.

Other little things: Gideon visited grandparents for a few days this month which meant Nolan got some one on one time.  He liked it for sure.  He also got to enjoy a weekend in the mountains.  This chunk was the Hulk for Halloween and is in size 4 diapers and 9 month clothes.  Sleep was rough this month, but the past week has been better.  I'm night weaning him right now and it seems to be working!  He is starting to get frustrated that he can't crawl but has gotten up on his hands and knees a few times, rocking back and forth.  It will be no time until he's all over the place.  Watch out Nala kitty.  He's coming for you.

Love you big bear!

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