04 November 2015


I'm here.  And it's November.  Not sure how that happened because I swear I was just in the hospital having a baby, but alas he is eight months old and looking more grown up than baby.

October proved to be a firestorm of activity including a brief stint with the stomach bug for us all, except Gideon. As a mama, a sick day in bed sounds like a dream, but a sick day in bed with the stomach bug is anything but.  I was wishing that I could be caring for my two wild monkeys instead of feeling like death.

There were pumpkin patch visits, candy apple making, preschool days, a trip to the mountains and of course two rounds of trick-or-treating.  Gideon was a blast at Halloween this year.  He was running to the front doors with his friends and leaving the adults in the dust.  No help needed this year.  But after walking a while they were pretty much done and kept setting their buckets down claiming they were "too heavy."  

This month is by far my favorite of the year.  Thanksgiving always proves the best because it is always filled with family, but without the checklist of gifts to buy and things to do.  I love just being (well, and eating).  

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