18 November 2015

Gideon says // 13

+While in my closet looking at my faux fur vest
   Gideon: What's this, mommy?
   Me: A vest.
   Gideon: For fishing?

+While downtown for trick or treating. Gideon was Captain America.
   Gideon: WHAT'S THAT?
   Me: A grim reaper.  He's a bad guy.
   Gideon: I need to go fight him!

+ At our first stop while trick or treating, he looked and saw they put a Twix in his bucket.
   Gideon: But I wanted Skittles.

+ On Halloween.
   Gideon:  How bout you not dress up.  You just be a mommy.

+ Gideon: You're the apple in my eye.

+ After a few days away from us, Gideon was homesick for mom and dad.  We traveled late at night and got to my parents while he was sleeping.  The next morning around six, I woke up to him standing next to our bed...
   Gideon: MOM! DAD! I'M HERE!  crawls in bed next to us.  I'm so happy!!!

Gideon: Can I have some series?
   Me: You mean Reese's pieces?
   Gideon: Yea, series!

Gideon: Ow, mom.  You hurt me.  You will have a consequence.

+ While looking at a picture of our first date.
   Gideon: I'm not in that picture. Why not?
   Me: You weren't here yet.
   Gideon: I'm here now.

+ When the walnuts were falling out of our trees.
   Gideon: The coconuts are falling.

+ While getting ready for family photos.
   Gideon: Hey mom!  I looked in the mirror and I was handsome!

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