14 October 2015

Gideon says // 12

+ Me: What do you want to get Nol for Christmas?
   Gideon: A joker.
   Me: You have to think about what Nolan will want.  Do you think maybe some blocks?
   Gideon: No, a Ironman.
   Me: What about a ball?
   Gideon: How about a Superman?
   Me: Or books?
   Gideon: No, a Batman!

+ Gideon was potty training while my parents visited. My dad was giving him dollars every time he went on the potty.  By the end of the weekend he had enough money to buy the Thor figurine he wanted.  I took him to the store to buy it.  We used the self checkout because I thought he would enjoy putting the dollars into the machine. 
  Gideon: Full freak out, tantrum of the century mode.  MY DOLLARS.  MY DOLLARS.
  Me: Do you want the Thor?
  Gideon:  Yes! But, I want my dollars too.
  Tantrum lasted throughout the store and part of the car ride home.  A couple hours later...
  Gideon: I don't want to leave my dollars at Wal-mart.
  Me: I don't either, buddy.  Trust me.  I don't either.

+ Gideon: I want to ride the school bus.
   Me: You can when you get big and go to school.
   Gideon: I want to ride the school bus with Hudson.  And you can stay home mommy.

+ About an hour after getting in trouble...
   Gideon: I'm sorry, mom.
   Me: For what?
   Gideon: For crying.
   Me: Are you sorry for disobeying?
   Gideon: Yea.
   Me: I forgive you.
   Gideon: I FORGIVE YOU!

+ Me: Gideon, do you want to learn to play the guitar or the piano?
   Gideon: Long sigh. THE DRUMS!

+ Gideon saw some trash on the side of the road while we were walking.
   Gideon: What's that, mom?
   Me: It's called litter. Someone threw their trash on the ground. It's not nice.
   Gideon: Litter?  Like for kitties?

+ After I laid Nolan down for a nap and walked into the kitchen to eat lunch with Gideon.
   Gideon: sigh. It's just you and me now.

+ TMI, but... While Gideon was sitting on the toilet.
    Gideon: Raisins make me poo.
    Me: Yep.
    Gideon: And pears make me poo.
    Me: Yep.
    Gideon: And bacon makes me poo.

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