23 March 2015

Lately with two

Whew.  How has it been almost three weeks since we had a baby?  It goes so fast with some of the longest days at the same time.  Defying logic all day, everyday.  So here is a little update on life with two in our house...

{one}. The hardest part about having two is meeting both of their needs that arise at the same time when I am by myself.  It is impossible (because it is) to nurse Nolan while he is screaming and help Gideon use the potty at the same time.  So one is usually crying while I help the other and then I switch.  But, we are learning and will get it down.

{two}.  Speaking of Gideon and the potty, he decided this week that he wanted to potty train.  After months of us encouraging it and trying and him objecting, he out of the blue asked to use it.  And I am not one to thwart that party especially when it will mean less diapers.  He's used it several times, but is not fully trained yet.  Any help or advice is welcome!

{three}. Nolan is sleeping pretty great at night.  Usually waking every three to four hours.  Sometimes he gets ahead of himself and is up at two hours.  But, I think it doesn't feel so horrible this time around because A). my body is used to it and B). I know that it ends and I will eventually sleep again.  Maybe not for the next twelve months or so, but at some point, he will be big and sleeping and I will be sad.

{four}. Last week, I started pumping so we could try a bottle.  Several reasons I like to do this.  So Taylor can feed him which he loves, in case I need to be/go somewhere and can't bring Nolan, and for sanity.  He took the bottle right away like a champ and hasn't shown an issue with any of them in the evenings before bed.  I also like to know that he is full (he falls asleep during nursing, but with a bottle I can see how much he has had) before bed!  Yay baby, yay!

{five}. Gideon is obsessed with the Avengers and superheroes in general.  I mean obsessed.  He assigns us all characters.  I am either Cat woman or Black widow.  Taylor is usually Bane or Joker.  I think I get the better end of that deal.

{six].  These got longer than I had anticipated so I will stop for now.

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