26 March 2015

Gideon says // 09

+ While Gideon was playing in the living room, I heard him fart.
   Me: I heard that toot!
   Gideon: Doesn't even stop playing. I heard it too.

+ While watching me nurse Nolan.
   Gideon: Pulling up his shirt. He drink the food in my belly.  He drink my milk.
   Me: You have milk?
   Gideon: Yea!  Chocolate milk!

+ While being picky about eating his dinner and only wanting the biscuit part of the ham biscuit.
    Taylor: Eat your ham, buddy.  Ironman likes ham!
    Gideon: With the most serious expression.  He likes bread too.
    *We couldn't argue with that and also couldn't stop laughing.

+ At snack time...
   Gideon:  I want two marshmallows.
   Me: trying to be nice. How about three?
   Gideon: How about two?
   *His negotiating skills need work... or his counting.

+ While stalling at nap time.
    Gideon: I need a sips of water... and a nose wipe...no!  A new one...and a story... Oh!  My ears.    Mom, I needs a Qs tip.

+ While leaving the store the other day.
    Gideon:  I got to go to work.
    Me:  What do you do at work?
    Gideon:  Play guitar and talk into the microphone.  (hashtag: pastor's kid)

+ While Nolan was particularly fussy one day.
    Gideon: whispers to me. Spank him.
    * We had a talk about how little babies don't know any better and we weren't going to spank him.

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