31 March 2015

Egg hunt

We've been talking about the Easter egg hunt with Gideon for a few weeks.  Last year, he didn't quite get it and ended up with a basketful of pinecones.  He was prepared this year and every day leading up to the egg hunt, kept saying "I'm ready to go to Easter."  He did much better this year, but kept setting his bucket down and running to get an egg and bring it back and halfway through decided he was ready for the candy instead of picking up more eggs.  Maybe next year?

It was a pretty cold day in Beaufort standards, so the sweaters were necessary which felt cruel for an Easter celebration.  But, the sun was shining which was more than we could ask for with all the rain and gloom we've had lately.  Nolan stayed snuggly warm in the wrap and slept the entire time.  Bounce houses (which Gideon opted out of, of course), sack races, popcorn, hot dogs, and the egg hunt, and my sweet baby did not budge.  I was a little scared I might drip ketchup on his head while hot dogging it up, but made it out unscathed, not that he would have noticed.

Also, because most important part, the candy in the eggs was pretty stellar this year.  Priorities.

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