14 April 2014

Egg hunt

The first Easter egg hunt for our offspring was yesterday.  We were pumped and equally out for blood (candy).  I was pretty sure that Gideon had no clue what was coming, so as any sane parents would do, we practiced by hiding his ball-pit balls around our apartment and sending him off, basket in hand to find them.  Can't be lookin' bad in front of the other parents, right? (Totally kidding.  I really wanted chocolate, and sadly the eggs only had jawbreakers and those strawberry hard candies that are always the last things standing at Halloween.  Disappointment is an understatement).

Lots and lots of fun in the sun.  Sack races, egg toss, cookie decorating, sno cones, popcorn.  Yada, yada, yada. Bring on the egg hunt.  Then off we went with the four and under crowd to hunt up some eggs and wouldn't you know, my kid stands there watching everyone else and looking at the colorful eggs that surround him.  Just stands there.  I point and jump up and down trying to get him to pick them up.  So I finally just grab a bunch and throw them in.  I thought we were making some progress as he reached out his hand, but no.  Right past the egg to a pinecone.  Three pinecones later, I knew it was a lost cause.  Here is to next year, where I fully expect a more Hunger Games-ish approach from my kid.

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