15 April 2014

A little less scragg

This is the obligatory "kid's first haircut" post with more photos than you thought possible of a child getting their locks snipped.  So basically, this post is more for me than you, but surely you want to see a cute face full of grape sucker, right?  Then please, proceed.

I prayed for a baby with lots of hair. I repeatedly told Taylor that I "did not want a bald baby."  And during the pushing phase of labor and delivery the encouragement I was receiving were the nurses telling me the amount of hair they could see on my child's head. In that moment, I could have cared less about hair.

Gideon's hair fell out, grew back in and has been chug-chug-chugging along ever since.  I always heard the "oh, look at those curls" and "it's so beautiful, don't ever cut it comments" but I'm sure there were people who assumed my child was homeless by the scruff and scragg that his mane had become.  It was wild.  A never-know-what-you-will-get after bath, nap, etc type of thing.  I was sick of it and I think Gideon was too.  Have you ever tried to clean spaghetti out of long, thick, curly hair?  No?  Right up there with what I imagine a bikini wax feels like.  Torturous.

So we scheduled, took Gideon while Taylor and I got ours done to get comfortable being there and then his day came. Champ of all champs thanks to "appaboss" and suckers.  And there you have it.  How my 16 month old turned three, all in one day.

Of note: 1.  I did NOT cry.  I was pumped for this cut.  2. You're welcome for limiting the amount of photos I included.  

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