11 April 2014

Five on Friday

1.  We spent this morning down by the waterfront, exploring replicas of the Nina and Pinta, eating blueberry scones, running wild and free in the grass and photo-boothing (I just made that a verb).  Toddlers in a photo-booth.  Very enthused, clearly. We need to work on facial expressions. 

2. Gideon is in an anti-diaper changing phase.  So, anytime he sees us get a diaper out, he runs into his room and dives into his ball pit.  It might be my favorite thing he does right now.  

3. I'm digging this age because we can start telling Gideon things to do and he listens (not always).  Throwing things in the trash is a new favorite and it actually helps a lot.  Now, if only he could vacuum, scrub the showers, and massage my feet.

4. Shorts.  I've never been a big shorts-wearing girl.  I bought some jorts (dear Lord) this year and am in love with them.  I also am resigned to the fact that it is too freaking hot down here to not wear shorts all summer.  So, bring on the shopping and coupons.  It might even get so hot that I lose the shorts.  Who knows?

5.  Amazon Prime.  Have you used this?  We got it for free because Taylor is still in school.  I'll take the perk.  But seriously.  I ordered a book for Gideon's Easter basket one evening and literally the next afternoon (not even late afternoon, like noon-ish) the UPS guy was knocking on my door with it.  Mind blown.

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