31 December 2014




What a difference a year makes.  I guess that should come as no surprise to me.  It always happens, but  the start of the new year makes it easy to look back and see all that happened.  So, although I wasn't the super, best ever at blogging this year, we can at least look back on the year...

+ Gideon started walking on New Years Day last year.
+ Taylor started preaching at our church's new Saturday night service
+ Our entire family got the stomach bug
+ I ran a 5K in under 35 minutes
+ Celebrated graduation for Taylor's brother & sister
+ Miscarried for the second time
+ Family beach trip
+ Gideon and I flew to Minnesota with my mom and sisters
+ Found out we were expecting
+ I vomited for 18 weeks straight
+ Found out we were having boy #2
+ Moved to a house
+Gideon turned two
+ Spent lots of time with family for the holidays

...and I'm sure a whole lot in between. 

I love this place of reflection each year and as I read back over my New Year's post from last year, I'm happy to say that I accomplished everything I set out to.  And although, I didn't "have a baby" in 2014, I grew so much and I am beyond excited that in nine or so weeks, I will be holding this baby that I have longed to be holding for a while.  

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