23 December 2014

Five things at 30 weeks.

{one} We shared a few weeks ago via Instagram and FB our little guys name, but I realized in the hubbub of the holidays I never wrote anything about it.  His name is...

  Nolan Levi

 It took days of back and forth and each of us throwing out names (some of them truly horrible!) before we woke up one morning and said, this is it!  With both of our boys, we chose the name because we liked it before considering the meaning.  It is too funny that it ended up this way because Gideon means "mighty warrior" and Nolan means "noble" with Levi being "priest."  So we have our mighty warrior and our noble priest.  So far with Gideon, the name has come through in personality, so we will see if it's the same with Nolan.

{two} Third trimester.  How did we get here?  The second pregnancy most definitely goes faster.  I now have appointments every two weeks and have had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.  Hoping that means good things in the "please come early, baby" realm.  I have started to experience some third trimester nausea.  Apparently, it's a real thing and it sucks.

{three} Craving and eating Halo oranges non-stop.  Taylor says I need an intervention.  I think I've gone through three bags in just a few weeks.  One day I know I ate at least five.  Ok, maybe I have a problem, but I'd rather be craving that than donuts.

{four} On that subject, I've gained a total of 17 pounds.  Much better than my pregnancy with Gideon. I have not started to swell and retain water like I did with him and fingers crossed it doesn't happen at all this time.  This month alone I only gained a pound and I have no clue how that is because Christmas cookies.

{five} I'm starting to get the nesting itch and have had a few internal panic attacks about getting everything ready for Nolan to come.  In the back of my mind I know I have time, but I also know he could come as early as six or seven weeks from now.  I have a long checklist that includes evicting Gideon from the crib which is a whole other monster to tackle.  But, I am deciding to wait on any of it until the new year...which is next week.

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