22 December 2014

Gideon says // 06

+ Me: Gideon, you need to obey mommy and daddy or you will get a spanking.
   Gideon: I obey Gideon.
   20 minutes later...
   Gideon: I obey God.
   {Can't argue with that last one.}

+ While making Christmas cookies, I dropped one on the floor.
   Gideon: uh-oh!
   Me: It's ok buddy. It was mommy's fault.
   Gideon: It my fault?
   Me: No, buddy. It's not your fault.
   Gideon: It Uncle Josh's fault!! {Sorry Josh. Not sure why he's blaming you!}

+ After visiting the library to see a model train exhibit.
   Gideon: At the liberry we say "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

+ After checking out at Target. Gideon looks over and sees the Starbucks while we are walking out.
   Gideon: Mom, I need Starbucks.

+ While I'm activating the bluetooth in our car to call Taylor.
   Me: Call Taylor Burgess
   Gideon: Call Tayor Burgess.  ON MOBILE!

+ Taylor: talking into my belly. Hey little buddy. Ready to meet you.
   Gideon: copying Taylor. READY TO MEET YOU.
   Gideon jumps back. 
   Gideon: Oh, he kicked me!

+ While playing with a stack of our Christmas DVDs.  He picks up Home Alone.
    Gideon: Mom, it's Kevin!

+ While looking at an ultrasound photo of Nolan on our fridge.
    Gideon: Oh, it's baby Jesus.

+ Gideon: Mom,  let's go on a deventure! {Not sure where this whole "go on an adventure" thing came from, but he has been asking nonstop}

+ While playing with PlayDoh
    Gideon: Where'd the snowman's balls go?

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