12 December 2014

Holiday snapshots.

I'm currently laid up on our couch with a stuffy nose and terrible lower back pain.  So this is all I could muster for a post, but I wanted to share these recent photos from holiday shenanigans and a little about what's happening around here lately.  

one // Gideon has been really into his teepee.  He is constantly asking us to "pease come in" with him and of course it had to come to the living room for a little Christmas movie night. {P.S. we watched Home Alone with him and although it seemed he wasn't paying attention, he certainly picked up the phrase "shut up." Sponges, they are.}

two // I made puppy chow the other day.  Complete with red and green M&Ms so it counts as festive.  Taylor loves puppy chow so I decided to be super nice.  I used this recipe which I found via Pinterest.

three // My biggest craving right now is Halo oranges.  I seriously can't get enough and the ease of peeling them makes it easier for me to give in.  I guess there are worse things I could be craving. Throw some in my stocking and I'll be a happy lady.

four // We had fun picking out our Christmas tree and decorating it.  Gideon and our Nala kitty have surprised us by leaving it alone.  Gideon did find my Sidney Crosby hockey ornament and has claimed it as his own.  We've only had to glue his legs back on three times so far!

five // We need to find a photo op with Santa ASAP.  Any suggestions, Beaufort people?  We saw the Salvation Army one outside of Wal-Mart the other day and Gideon was in awe.  I mean kept his eyes on him the entire time we were walking, waved and waved and waved, and has not stopped talking about him.

six // Almost done with Christmas shopping.  At this point, we are saying if it's not available on Amazon Prime, it's not happening! Also, wrapping gifts is my favorite. {brown paper packages tied up with strings, can't go wrong.}

seven // The infant car seat has been ordered and is on the way.  Gideon's was recalled so we had returned it and finally the one I wanted went on sale so we jumped on it.  He needs to bake a little longer, but we will be ready when he is!


  1. I need to live closer to you because pretty much everything you said sounds awesome (minus the lower back pain and stuffy nose...hope that passes soon!) ALSO! Where did you find your craft paper? I want to do the same thing, and can't find it anywhere!

    1. I got the craft paper at Target in the regular wrapping section not the holiday section!

  2. ALSO the dollar tree has a ton of brown paper for, you guessed it! A BUCK! Love all the festive photos. and high five to G for not messing with the tree! I have to replace ornaments every night due to a little boy pulling them off and giving them to me. ;)


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