08 December 2014

Gideon's 2nd birthday!

We had Gideon's 2nd birthday party this past weekend and were so happy to host it at our house.  I had decided a few months back that his party would be baseball themed because he loves baseball.  Well, he loves all sports.  My sister said I should have made it an "all sport" theme, but now I have the next five birthday parties covered.  We can do football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and according to Gideon golf and tennis, over the next several years {or I'll let him decide ;) }.

The baseball theme made planning pretty easy.  What else do you serve at that kind of party but game food.  You can't go wrong with nachos, peanuts, popcorn, and hot dogs.  Throw in some cupcakes and you're all set.  I wasn't sure what kind of activities to have available and I didn't think organized party games would work very well with the toddler age group, so I set out some crayons and baseball coloring sheets, some baseball temporary tattoos and Taylor made a t-ball game in the backyard complete with bases.  They had a great time hitting the ball and completely ignoring the rules of baseball when it came to running the bases.  We also had a million leaves in our backyard because we live at the beach and fall is just catching up, so the kids wreaked havoc in the piles and thought it was great.  Thanks Beaufort for the 75 degree, December day!

It was a blast to have so many of our friends and family celebrating our big two year old {he swears he is five!}.  He was blessed with so many kind gifts and has enjoyed playing with them since.  His big gift was a teepee from his grandparents, aunt and uncle, and mom and dad!  I love finding him hiding in it and I think it will be his own little personal escape once baby gets here.

Happy birthday to our Gideon!

Where to find:
+Banner {DIY by me}
+ plush baseballs {Party City}
+ temporary tattoos {Party City}
+ 36 inch balloons {left over from pack of six last year // Party City}
+ 2 lb food trays {Sam's Club}
+ Gideon's shirt {Old Navy // I ironed on the "dos."}
+ chalkboard {Etsy // I used this for bump photos with Gideon}
+ T-ball set {Target // gift from his Bama}
+ We found the peanuts and nacho stuff at Sam's which ended up being more bang for your buck!


  1. So cute! Loved his little party! So did y'all buy a house? I wanna see more! :)

    1. We are renting it right now, but hoping to buy it next year! The couple who owns it is military and stationed overseas and eventually want to sell!


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