05 December 2014


Two. Today my boy is two.  I am struggling to wrap my head around that and wondering how we got here.  I asked Taylor last week if we would ever forget the details of his birth because it is sketched so deeply in my mind.  He said no, and I know it's true.  

The past two years have been the most growing of my life.  I've done and felt things I didn't know was possible.  It has been so stretching, yet rewarding and I still can't believe that this sweet, stubborn, and hilarious boy is mine.  

Buddy, you are two! And there will be candles for you to blow out, I promise.  I held you for the first time two years ago and it changed me.  You made me a mom and that is so special for both of us.  I know this age is going to be challenging, as you have already showed us, but I'm excited for the adventure and excited to see how you change and grow.  

You are so funny and say the best things.  You love to repeat everything you hear and see.  You squeal every time your dad gets home from work and you love to lay on the floor by your Nala kitty and talk to her as if she will talk back.  You are ALL boy, but also have a very sensitive heart.  You pretend to bring me "coffee" when I am crying or upset.  You are stubborn.  It frustrates me to death, but I also know it will be for the best later on.  You don't let people sway you; everything has to be your decision which is so refreshing in our world.  

Happy birthday to my big two year old! I love you.


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