17 November 2014

Taking stock / 4

Making: a baby? Does that count?
Cooking: white chicken chili 
Drinking: water. And chewing the ice.  Can you say iron deficiency?
Reading: into things too much.
Wanting: Thanksgiving to be here!  Bring on the turkey.
Looking: for maternity pants. This whole not zipping thing will only last so much longer.
Playing: with blocks.  I'm pretty good at mega blocks.
Wasting: nap time by sitting down.
Wishing: that all my Christmas shopping would magically get done.
Enjoying: apple cookies that my mom made (with the help of Gideon).
Waiting: for these two year molars to finish coming in.  Then we are done...until round two.
Liking: our quiet neighborhood.
Wondering: how a bird got in our screened porch.
Loving: Parenthood
Hoping: for easy travel this weekend.
Marveling: that this year is almost over!
Needing: to marinade our dinner.
Smelling: a cranberry candle
Wearing: a maternity sweatshirt.  Thank you Gap and Brittney!
Following: the weather moving this way.  Hello, cold front.
Noticing: the huge pile of leaves that just blew outside our front door.
Knowing: my boy will be two so soon.  
Thinking: about party ideas.
Feeling: holiday cheer.
Bookmarking: Christmas ideas.
Opening: gifts we ordered for a birthday boy.
Giggling: with my husband.  

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