11 November 2014

Gideon says // 05

+ Already past his bedtime
   Gideon: Oh, I need coffee.

+ After seeing the moon while leaving church.
   Gideon (in the car on the way home): A other moon!

+While at one of my OB doctors visits.  I had him there alone:

   -While in the bathroom so I could give a urine sample.  Gideon grabs a sample cup.
    Gideon: Oh, I need one.

   -While waiting for the doctor to come in, Gideon sees the plastic models of the vagina.
    Gideon: A butterfly!

   -While I was getting my flu shot.
    Gideon: I want a shot, too!
    Me: I don't think you want one.
    Gideon: Daddy needs one!

+ While Gideon was eating a sucker:
    Taylor: Are you going to give a sucker to baby brother when he's here?
    Gideon: Runs over to me, pulls up my shirt and sticks his sucker in my belly button. Here baby!

+ After checking our mailbox and seeing that it was empty.
   Gideon (starts walking across the street to another houses mailbox): I check other mail.

+ While outside playing with chalk on the driveway.
    Gideon: S'cuse me ant.

+ While Skyping with my mom:
    Me: Gideon, please let mommy talk.  I'm trying to talk to Grammy and you are being rude.
    Gideon: I talk
    Me: No, I'm talking right now.
    A few minutes later while Gideon is talking to Grammy
    Me: Start to say something


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