01 July 2014

Just me and him.

I'm pretty bad about A L W A Y S being behind the camera.  When I made our photobook I noticed that there were tons of photos without me because I was busy taking them.  I am great at getting shots of Taylor and Gideon, but we didn't have many of just me and Gideon, unless it was a selfie (oh, how I hate those) which usually meant Gideon was sporting a mean mug.

While we were in Minnesota last week, I decided to ask my sister to take a few of us, just me and my boy.  I thought it would be great to print some for Taylor and a special memory to have.  We went to great lengths to get these.  Under electric fences, through tall weeds (which we swear had snakes), and carefully avoiding cow pies because we were in the cow field. Gideon was on top of his game though.  Just look at all his faces. I think the promise of marshmallows was the motivating factor behind the smile.

*I am overwhelmed (in a good way) by all the messages, comments, texts, etc. after yesterday's post.  Thank you so much for the encouragement.  


  1. Emily, these are amazing photos of you and G. I am glad that you had them done.

  2. These photos are oh so adorable!! I love reading your blog and watching Gideon grow. It makes me so excited for the day I will get to be a mom--temper tantrums and all. Thanks for keeping the blog so real and heartfelt! Thinking of you in the good times and the bad. Keep writing!


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