18 June 2014

He's really confusing

Parenting is the most confusing adventure I've ever been on.  You think dating is a jumble of what just happened?  What does that mean?  But parenting is the biggest crock of mayhem ever.  Exhibit A: This series of wonderfulness above.  One for the memory books, ya know.  A sweet cuddle sesh, oh wait, no my kid is hitting me in the face.  And bam, he gets the perfected "mom scowl" in that last one.

Yesterday, my ALWAYS nap for an hour and a half kid broke the mold and napped for an entire three hours.  Three hours!  Do you know what I can do with three hours?  I do.  Catch up on blogs. Watch two episodes of what Taylor calls my "trash shows." And clean our entire bathroom (really clean, not just the usual surface-no-one-will-look-that-close stuff).  I didn't say parenting was always a bad crock of mayhem.  Sometimes they surprise you with the good stuff.

And good stuff happened this morning.  Anyone else have a kid who despises diaper changes?  We have been on the down-with-diaper-changes tantrum express for about seven months.  Well, wouldn't you know this morning, Gideon told Taylor he was "poo poo" and when Taylor responded he would get him in a minute, Gideon went to the basket, pulled out his wipes, a diaper, and his rash cream and laid down waiting for Taylor to come.  This was all relayed to me later and honestly if I had seen it, I might have passed out from shock.  I like this little corner we just turned.

I've always had full control over dressing Gideon and choosing what he wears.  Clearly, he just goes along with it, but the tides are turning and I'm not oh so happy about it.  Let him express himself, you say?  I'm sorry but socks with crocs is not an expression I want him to have.  It's criminal if anything.  But alas, socks and crocs is a daily occurrence in our home.  I can't decide if I'm more appalled or Taylor.  And then yesterday, Gideon needed a mid-day wardrobe change so that he could wear a shirt with a football on it.  Important things.  Meltdowns would ensue and the world would be askew if it DID. NOT. HAPPEN.  Am I seriously at this point already?  How?  Can't we just go back to onesies and immobile-ness? And why is my computer saying "onesie" isn't a word?  Am I losing my mind?

Despite the bewilderment that parenthood brings, it is the freaking best thing in the world.  Better than chocolate cake.  Better than bubble baths.  Better than peeing in privacy (obviously). So has your kid thrown you in a loop lately?

* Sorry for the blurry photos, but the sequence was too good not to share.  Thanks to Taylor for always being ready to catch my good side ;) 

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  1. I totally know what you mean about the "onsies" thing whats up with that?


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