20 June 2014

Five on Friday

1. Gideon and I are currently on our way to Charlotte to fly out tomorrow morning to visit family in Minnesota.  I'm so excited to take him this year because he will actually get to interact with it all instead of just using me as a milk pump and refusing to nap like last time.  We are sad to not have Taylor with us though.

2. I picked Gideon up from nursery last week and the teacher made a point to tell me that he really loves tattoos and talks about them non-stop. Enter blooming cheeks of red.  I can't decide if this is a parenting "win" or an uh-oh.

3. Is anyone else a "panic-packer?" I've dubbed myself one.  Regardless of being organized and creating a list, I will get it all packed and then start panicking about "what if" scenarios of freak weather or mind-changing or OMG, there is extra room in my bag, which means I begin grabbing tons of extra things and packing them in.  And at the end of the trip a majority of it wasn't used because who needs a silk shirt on a Minnesota farm?  Apparently, I do.  You never know.

4. Several weeks ago, for Mother's Day, Taylor got me a tiny gold necklace with a lowercase "g" on it. I love it and wear it almost daily.  I thought I would share the Etsy shop it came from because I think the prices are great and the jewelry is gorgeous.  So check out Tom Design shop.

5. Is anyone else stoked for the 4th of July coming up so soon?  I know the pools and beaches around here will be crowded, but I am pumped to stuff myself with hot dogs, watermelon, and s'mores.  I am hoping that Gideon will take a later than normal nap so that he can stay up through fireworks.  He will think the world of them.

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