23 June 2014


A few months ago, my mom showed Gideon the Pharrell "Happy" video.  Thanks to that, he is obsessed. Most kids are asking to listen to "Old McDonald" or  "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," while Gideon is asking for Mumford and Sons, Pharrell, and Sara Bareilles.  Who am I kidding?  I love it. The repetitive kid songs with clapping and omitting letters in a word would probably irk me more than slow drivers if I had to listen to them all day.  I can handle his music choices.

Anyways, he asks to listen to the song and watch the video for "Happy" all the time.  He busts out some pretty killer dance moves, too.  I love his excitement when he sees and hears it.  It truly is infectious and we end up having an all out dance party in the living room.  All this to say, if you need a boost or pick me up, turn on the video for it and imagine a swanky eighteen-month-old breaking it down.  Then try not to smile.

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