25 June 2014

Pinspiration // 02

I can go weeks (Ok maybe just days) without getting on Pinterest or finding anything interesting there and then I hit a wave of finding amazing things and CAN'T. STOP. PINNING. them.  It's a disease I think.  Over-pinning-itis.  Heard of it?  Experienced it?  But, let's be real.  A majority of the things I pin I will never attempt to make or buy, but it is an amazing place for inspiration and for gathering ideas which is just as good sometimes.  

Clockwise from top:

quote: "Do all things with kindness."  I think humanity needs a little dose of this to their veins.  Maybe social media has just made it more noticeable, but kindness is lacking everywhere.  A pretty print with this reminder is needed.

desk: This is my dream desk space.  White and simple with little pops of fun.  And the iMac would be nice.

sibling photo: Sibling photos are so fun and you can't beat newborn baby toes. 

mobile: Is this mobile not the best thing you've ever seen?  Those triangles are leather and I am in love.

recipe: I can feel this trifle hit my butt by just looking at the picture.  But, I think this is one of those things that would definitely taste better than skinny feels.  Anyone else? (Add pizza, ice cream, and anything with cream cheese to that list also).

mug: I actually have a board dedicated to Taylor.  I pin gift ideas or anything that makes me think of him. I wish I had seen this mug eons before Father's Day because it would have been a winner.

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