28 May 2013


Well, we are back.  We survived taking an almost six-month old on an airplane and to a farm.  I will probably write a whole post on just traveling with an infant because it is interesting for sure.  I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't and planning ahead but not having my pants in a wad about schedules.

We had an awesome trip to say the least.  My grandpa's farm is my favorite place and it is the perfect place to unwind from busy life.  Do you ever just get sick and tired of "busy"?  I do.  We did.  And it was so great to not have places we had to be or things we had to get done.  We could ignore everything and drink creme soda while eating raspberry filled doughnuts also known as bismarks.   And that is what we did.

Besides taking a few pictures on my phone and posting a few on Instagram (I couldn't help myself!), I didn't enter the social media world while we were away.  It. was. so. nice.  I needed that break.  My grandpa doesn't have a computer and I'm pretty sure has never been on the internet.  He was asking me about my iPhone while I was taking pictures.  "That is a camera?"  "No grandpa!  It is a phone with a camera on it....and it can get on the internet."  Mind. blown.

The disconnect from the world is so great when I am there and the human interaction is bliss.  We fill that 1920's farmhouse beyond capacity morning, noon and night and I don't think we would have it any other way.  Meals are loud, messy and you often have to sit on the floor.  We don't care.  There are no first-class accommodations, just old metal spring bed frames with something you can hardly refer to as a mattress, and one bath tub for all to share.  Sounds perfect to me.  I know in any other situation I would probably complain about it all.  But it's what I know.  It's what I love.  My best memories growing up were in those rooms and on that land.  And I honestly don't think I would love it as much if we changed it and put in a shower or bought new actual mattresses.  It's part of what makes it special.

I think what I love the most though is my grandpa.  Most people would change their daily routine while having company.  Not him.  He has a job to do.  He has planting to make sure gets done.  So everyday, regardless of what we were doing, he was out in that field on that tractor working.  Ninety years old.  I wish I could bottle up that determination and work ethic.  Invaluable today.  He makes that place what it is and I enjoyed so much watching him hold Gideon and get to see my baby!

I have so much more to say and share.  I will save it for after I go through all my pictures and can post those too.  So, here is the weekend (long, extended weekend) according to my iPhone:

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