06 January 2014

Hey, hey, January.

January has been great so far.  Minus all the rain.  It seems like a crime to have rain in January, don't you think?  Either snow or be dry.  No in between.  I'm actually surprised with how happy I have been considering I usually only love Winter until the New Year and then I am wishing and hoping for Spring and Summer.  But not now.  I have found some deep determination and have set out to accomplish what I want to.  My goals and resolutions are just sitting there waiting for me to check them off and I actually just finished my photo book last night.  I am waiting on a good Shutterfly coupon code before ordering because I got a little out of hand and it ended up being 50 pages.  Slowly, but surely these goals are getting done.

In other January news, my kid got a ball pit for Christmas.  A ninja turtle ball pit.  Yea, someone who doesn't have kids (a spoiling uncle) thought that was what he needed.  And honestly it has been great because we haven't been able to spend much time outside, so it is nice to have something to do indoors that is more active.  I think Taylor has had more fun with it.  And Nala.  She steals the balls and we find them in random places.  Here's to hoping it gets sunny so we can head to the park.  Happy January!

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