03 January 2014

Happy birthday, blog!


It's been one year since I became intentional about my blog.  One year, 365 days, 223 posts and lots and lots of adventures shared.  I need to take this moment to pat myself on the back and treat myself to some chocolate for keeping at it.  You see, I have started blogs before and I actually had created this exact blog in April of 2012 and left it sitting with one post all that time.  

I know it took pushing from Taylor to get me to do this.  He wrote me a letter a while back (romantic, right?) and he said,  I want you to spend more time on your blog.  You have an incredible talent, and I hate to see you not use it.  I think God will really use you now and in the future to reach thousands of people.  You have a unique way of communicating and you should use it for God's glory. It stuck with me.  I'm glad I have a husband who won't let me sit by and waste what I'm passionate about.

The lack of confidence in myself is what kept me from doing it.  Do I have anything to say? Will anybody care? But, I got past that and realized I write for me and share it in the hopes of someone else finding it helpful.  I share our little family adventures and photos because that is where I find my joy.  It may not be reaching thousands of people and it may never reach them.  I may not be running ads or making money (something I struggle with on whether or not to do, but am open to it).  But, I am writing and that is where my heart feels at home.

Happy birthday, Batman and Belle!

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  1. I love reading your thoughts and adventures. But then maybe I am a bit bias. :)-


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