02 January 2014

Christmas 2013.

We just got back yesterday from a whirlwind of ten days spent all over.  To Charlotte, to Boone, back to Charlotte, to Beaufort and Myrtle Beach (for Taylor) and back to Beaufort for us all.  I might not ever want to get back in the car for any length of time with Gideon.  He makes it known that he is not happy about being stuck in that car seat.  But, in all reality we had a great time and it was just what we needed.  A change of scenery and being surrounded by family.

Tay and I had lots of dates including seeing Thor 2 (highly recommend) and Anchorman 2 (it's crap.) and outdoor ice skating (we were pros).  I got shopping time with my mom and my sister, lots of movies at home, cookies, soups and chili and much needed crying sesh with my mama.  Sometimes you just need to cry and you just need your mom to be there.

Gideon was so much fun this Christmas.  Last year, he was a tiny three week old and I was a zombie of  no sleep.  This time he admired the wrapped gifts, pulled ornaments off the tree, snuck bites of everyone's cookies and played with his presents (actually he really loved my wooden mixing spoons that my parents got me the best).  It was a great Christmas.

Here are some photos I took.  I sadly did not get any while in Boone.  I don't know what happened.  I do know that I picked up my MIL's camera while there and took a bunch on hers so I guess that is why I thought I had some on my camera! (The first few are from our Christmas at home)

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