07 January 2014

Twelve plus.

These are from this morning.  I was trying to cuddle because it is so cold, but he wanted to sit on the couch (and lay) by himself. 

The past week has been incredible.  I am pretty sure Gideon made some New Year's resolutions of his own and one of them was sleeping longer at night.  He has been going to bed every night at 7:30 (same as always) but has been sleeping all the way until 7:30 or 8 in the morning.  Twelve or more hours a night.  It is a big change from his 6 or sometimes 5:30 wake up call.  And I will take it.  The first few days I just passed it off as a fluke and a response to the busy holiday season, but after a week, I am hopeful that it is a habit.  Can I be this lucky?  Please.

He started walking this week and it is so fun to watch him toddle everywhere.  He gets ahead of himself sometimes and flips over right onto his head.  He doesn't seem to care.  He is also eating through our pantry like a teenager.  The kid can eat.  He eats his three meals a day and snacks pretty much the entire time in between.  We get to about four in the afternoon everyday and he cries and whines and signs "please" as if he hasn't eaten in years.  He is inconsolable until we feed him.  Hey kid, you just ate an hour ago.  But, no.  He doesn't care.

Yoga.  I started going to yoga at our Y because we have a membership and because I decided it was time to be intentional about me time.  It is so easy when you have a baby to let everything revolve around them and while I love that a majority of me revolves around Gideon, for sanity's sake there needs to be a little bit of me-ness.  I am excited and motivated with my running and want to do some other classes, but Yoga feels like the best place to start for me.  I know people think Yoga is so easy, but man, while I am there doing it, I kind of hate myself.  The stretching and poses can be too much sometimes and I know it is helping because I feel it for the next day and a half.  And then, at the very end of class, when I lay on my mat with the lights out and just breathe, I know why I still do it.  It is for that moment right there.  And it feels like I just had an hour long massage.  That half-conscious feeling. And I love it.

So there is that, a modge-podge of what is going on around here lately.

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  1. Yoga is NOT easy! I do a pilates/yoga fusion class and I definitely hurt the next day! Happy to hear he's sleeping longer :)


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