26 September 2013

In this home.

In this home, I placed my desire to have a baby in the Lord's hands and began enjoying where I was at in life.  We adopted Nala kitty and laughed hysterically when we found her hiding in Taylor's Army pants the first night we brought her home.

In this home, I took a pregnancy test, not expecting anything new, only to see those lines that would change me forever. We laughed and cried and stayed up late talking about our dreams for that baby in my belly.

In this home, I felt the baby kick as we laid in bed. I was restless most nights, but didn't care because this is what I had prayed for.  We walked this neighborhood, slowing more each time as my belly grew and near the end, barely making it up the street because my legs were too swollen.

In this home, we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, we made dinner and talked about our jobs (sometimes venting).  We moved furniture, got rid of furniture, and brought in new furniture.  We turned a guest room into a nursery.

In this home, we had fights and made up.  We had sickness as well as joy.  Food poisoning, vomit, morning sickness, you name it, we had it here.

In this home, we brought home gifts, poured upon us from those who love us and loved our baby just as much.  I sat and watched Taylor put together a swing, a highchair, a rock'n play, a crib, a stroller.  We were overwhelmed with knowing how much this sweet boy was loved.

In this home, we put up a Christmas tree, sad that our baby hadn't come yet. But joyful knowing he would be here soon.  I sat on the couch, butterflies overtaking my stomach and nerves in full swing on the day I was to be induced.  We stood in the living room, while it was dark outside, and prayed one last time as a family of two.  Then we headed to the hospital to become a family of three.

In this home, we brought that seven pound baby home.  Unsure of what to do.  Family and friends came here to meet him.  Bringing more gifts and food and encouraging us as we sat exhausted and amazed.

In this home, we became parents. I learned to be a mother.  I learned how much my heart could grow and about the fullness of grace and forgiveness. I learned to burp a baby, calm a baby, feed a baby.  I rocked, and sang, and kissed, and loved, in this home.

In this home, that baby grew. And grew. And grew.  First smiles, words, teeth, and hugs.  Learning to roll, wave, clap, crawl, eat, and stand.  He turned from newborn to baby to boy right here, in this home.

In this home, we sought the Lord for direction and He said "go."  So we packed and packed.   Loaded and cleaned. And now we leave this home.

This home may not have been ours, but the memories are.

^^ All pictures are iPhone photos ^^

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