25 September 2013

Wednesday Favorites.

Visiting Tay in his office one last time.  Oh, and he doesn't have a soul patch.  It's just the angle!

Favorite Pins of the week:

*I am in love with this necklace.  And the girl who makes them lives in Asheville!

*This DIY mudroom is awesome.  A great idea for a small space.

*What's better than chocolate chip cookie dough? How about chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bombs?

Favorite articles/posts/videos this week:

*I feel like Tay, G and I would be considered a "spicy family."  So this post seems appropriate and is funny.

*Food and weather.  This post is great.  I always remember my grandpa sitting down to the supper table in the Summer and saying it was "too hot to eat." Fall always brings a slew of awesome dinner options and I can't wait to bust out my crockpot for some chili.

*A friend sent me a link to this article called 11 life lessons you get from shopping at Target. So funny. And true.

Favorite others this week:

*With much urging from my sis-in-law, we busted out The Family Stone this past weekend.  It is a classic and makes me want the holidays.

*We went to a farewell lunch at Taylor's job yesterday.  It was so nice and it was great to see Taylor honored.  He clearly is loved.  Also, Gideon stole the show, naturally.

*My mom made apple cookies.  I asked her and she made them and I get to eat some tonight!

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