24 September 2013

Things we will miss about Charlotte.

Well, that time has come.  We are moving this weekend.  And my mind is full beyond capacity with mental lists of things that need to get done.  Like, oh I don't know, packing.  Just little things like that, ya know?  But, in the mean time, I am sitting here typing this little list of things we will miss about Charlotte:

1. The people.  Clearly a first choice here.  The only hesitation we had about this whole moving out of state thing from the beginning.  We live in the same area as my family and two hours from Taylor's.  We will now be three plus hours from mine and 5 plus from Taylor's.  And not to mention all our friends.

2. Food.  Every town has those special spots where you migrate towards to eat.  Those specific-to-that-place eateries.  I will miss Salsa's mexican, Mac's BBQ, City Tavern, Cheesecake Factory and since Beaufort is so small I will even miss places like Chili's, McAllister's, Qdoba.  Oh, mouth-watering goodness of food, I will miss you.

3. Target.  If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I am addicted to Target.  I have lived literally across the street from one since we got married. I regretfully must inform you that I have been guilty of going to Target up to three times somedays.  Beaufort, sadly does not have one (closest one is 45 minutes away).

4. Malls.  Beaufort has TJMaxx and Walmart.  I will miss stores.  And clothes.

5. Free babysitting.  I guess this could go along with the people thing.  We have never paid for a babysitter.  No need when you have willing grandparents who demand that they keep your baby.  This will be something to get used to for sure.

Charlotte, I know I haven't always said the nicest things about you, especially while stuck in traffic, but you have your highs for sure.  We will miss you and all you mean to us.


  1. as we've talked about on Twitter before it is very sad losing target :( and I really miss panera. BUT we do have a starbucks now which I am very thankful for! I like to think they built it for me :) It is an adjustment moving away and it will take some time but you can find peace when things get tough knowing that you are where the Lord wants you to be. I wonder how far you guys will be from us? It would be fun for us, the harpers, and you guys to meet in charleston or something to catch up! not sure how far away y'all are from there either but we can talk about it once y'all get settled! Happy moving!

    1. Thank you! I will miss Target with my whole heart but there is always online shopping! We are about an hour from Charleston and would love to meet up there. Neither of us have actually been so we were planning on visiting sometime anyways!


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