23 September 2013

Taking stock.

Making : Nutella toast for mid-morning snack
Cooking : Hamburgers, homemade meatballs, white wine chicken.
Drinking : Water (no fun, but I've been sick)
Reading: "Duck & Goose find a pumpkin" board book
Wanting: Flannel plaid shirts
Looking: At a ton of boxes.  Most only half-filled
Playing: With a little blonde boy
Wasting: Time because I don't feel like packing
Sewing: Ha! Nothing. Ever.
Wishing: For a massage
Enjoying: The cool breeze and leaves falling
Waiting: To move
Liking: That it is almost chili season
Wondering: Where everything will go in our new apartment
Loving: Parenthood season four 
Hoping: For wisdom and a calm spirit
Marveling: At how God answers prayer, even when we doubt He will
Needing: Motivation, energy, Dr. Pepper
Smelling: Lavender baby shampoo.  My favorite by far.
Wearing: Maternity sweat pants.  And no, I'm not pregnant.
Following: Blogs.  Many many blogs.
Noticing: The different light the sun casts now
Knowing: That my baby loves me
Thinking: About the shrimp festival in two weeks in our new town
Feeling: Stressed and anxious
Bookmarking: Things for a first birthday party
Opening: Wipes and diapers
Giggling: In bed late at night
Feeling: Overwhelmed

I borrowed this idea from Sydney of The Daybook blog

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