20 September 2013

Letter from Mama

Dear Gideon,

You have changed so much recently and I honestly at times can't even handle it.  You are so interactive and smart and it shows in everything you do.  No longer are you that tiny baby that just lays there waiting for us to entertain you.  No, you have taken the reins and entertain us every second of the day that you are awake.

You look so grown up already.  You have four, almost five teeth and longer hair that swoops in front.  You have lost that baby look and are so boyish now.  I love to watch you play.  Sometimes you sit by your toy basket and just pull out books and balls and cars.  You are so focused and my heart catches every time.  I can't believe you are mine.  And I can't believe that you are growing so rapidly right in front of my eyes.

Gideon, you are so sweet.  You are in an attachment phase (at least that's what the books say).  You love people so much that you really don't mind if you are with someone other than me.  But, if we are home and it't just us, you hate it when I leave the room for any reason.  You get mouthy and crawl up to me and climb my legs.  It makes going to the bathroom or eating my lunch difficult, but I love that you love me that way.  Sometimes, I feel so unworthy of it.  But, I'm your mama and you know it.

Regardless of all that, your dad is your favorite person in the world right now.  Oh man, the smiles you give him.  Early in the morning we can hear you on your monitor.  "Da. ada. dada." It's so sweet, he doesn't even mind getting up at six to get you.  And when I come in the living room a few minutes later, I usually find you both sitting in the red chair, just chilling.  At dinner, your dad always holds your hand while he prays.  You just stare at him with the goofiest smile.

Sweet boy, I know a lot is changing right now.  We are moving you to a new place and a new home.  I am excited to start this adventure with you, but sad at the same time to move you further from the family that loves you so deeply.  They do and always will.  It also makes me sad that as you grow, you won't even remember your time here.  Your first home and first room.  You will rely on me and your daddy to fill it all in for you and paint a picture of how things were.  Although, you won't remember, I'll never forget!

I love you so big.

Love, Mama

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