27 June 2013

Green thumb...not me.

I do not have a green thumb.  I repeat.  I DO NOT have a green thumb.  I struggle to keep plants alive. Maybe it is because I don't take the time to focus on them and nurture them in the ways they need.  I kept one small plant alive in high school because it was the most low-maintenance plant ever.  As in, I dumped my leftover water from my nighttime cup in it every once in a while and left it by my window and it somehow decided that it wanted to live with me and grew bigger.

Flowering plants and I don't get along.  They are beautiful until they are not.  I love them, love them until I look over and realize I waited too long to do something with it and it is now brown and ugly and leaving remnants of my awfulness all over the table or floor.

I do however have one green plant that is thriving right now.  And I love it for it.  This plant is so special and I would be upset if it did not live, but I have kept it alive for 18 months so far with no sign of it dying soon.

This plant was given to us right after Taylor's dad passed away in December of 2011. That entire week is a blur and it happened so fast.  Taylor's family was blessed with so many loving people and it showed in all the plants and flowers they received before, during and after the funeral.  My MIL's house looked like a nursery.  And she was a little overwhelmed and not sure what to do with them so she started to give them away.  I took this green plant that looked pretty easy to deal with and I am glad I did.  I knew I wanted to keep this plant alive as long as possible so I immediately got a pot and planted it, luckily it is low-maintenance so I just have to remember to water it once in a while.

I love when people give plants at funerals instead of floral arrangements.  While the flowers are beautiful, the family has to watch them turn brown and die which sometimes just reminds them of the life they lost.  A plant can grow and thrive reminding of the life that was LIVED and continues to bring joy throughout the years.  That's what this plant is for us.  It grows and smiles from on top of our fridge and I hope someday to plant it in a yard of our own at a house of our own.  Always taking Taylor's dad with us because he is!

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