28 June 2013

Little Fish.


Well, it is hot.  Summer, you came out of nowhere.  I feel like we were just yelling at March for not being warm and now here we sit, a week away from the 4th, basking in the HEAT that is oppressing.  And we yearn for Fall.  Isn't it funny how we are always wanting what is next and can't just seem to sit and enjoy what is?  Maybe that's just me, but I am always looking forward.  I really, really need to work on just being in the moment.  But, it is hard when that moment is almost 100 degrees and your baby sticks to you while you are carrying him into the store.

I am trying to find the balance of getting Gideon outside but avoiding heat stroke.  I want him to have time to be outside and listen to birds, look around, and play but it is so FREAKING hot.  So to counteract this we make sure there is water to play in.  This little boy loves him some water.  I knew he would with how excited he gets over bath time.  We have a little plastic "pool" (OK, it's really a sandbox, but who wants sand?) that I often fill with water and set him in and he goes to town splashing that water right into his face.  And he just smiles and smiles about it.  I think it is helping him gain his balance to sit longer periods of time by himself.  He could probably sit there all day if I let him.  So I put him in there in the shade and sit in the sunny half myself because I WANT some color.

Last week, my sister invited us to come to her neighborhood pool.  I jumped at the chance because, hello big pool!  And they have an awesome child area with one of those giant mushrooms that has water cascading down it.  Gideon was a little unsure, probably because of the size of it all.  He was all, "this isn't my bathtub." But I set him in the shallow baby area with a little fountain coming up and he kept putting his hand over it to stop the water.  I think he enjoyed how it felt.  And my sister braved the mushroom with him and went underneath.  He didn't cry at all.  Just a little fish.

And here are some from my iPhone:

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