26 June 2013

Wednesday Favorites

1. I love NYC and really, really, really want to go back with Taylor sans 80 students from our youth group.  I love this NYC tourist-tour written by Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat who lives with her family in NYC. Sounds like the perfect trip to me!

2. That my son has a mind of his own and a playful spirit.  (As seen in the above picture!)

3. These short workouts that I found on Pinterest.  I can do them quickly and get a great workout.  I even did one while Gideon played on the floor nearby.  He cheered me on the whole time!

4. The American Blogger documentary that is being filmed right now.  So interesting to follow.

5. The H&M they are putting in our mall is going to be HUGE.  And they got rid of Abercrombie to put it in which makes me even happier.  I hated that store.

6. Gideon slept through the night two nights ago!  Best night EVER.

7. Two weeks until Gideon and I are at camp with Taylor. Bring it on Nosoca!


And this list must come to an end because G woke up from his nap...way too early....not a favorite!

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