25 June 2013


I hate saying goodbye.  This past weekend was the best and the worst all wrapped up in one.  The best because we spent the ENTIRE weekend with my family.  Going to dinner with my sisters and bros-in-law.  Going to see Man of Steel AND Monsters University.  A big sleepover at my parents and pajama time with donuts in the morning.  Playing bocce ball.  Laying in the hammock.  S'mores.  I mean, come on, it doesn't get any better than this, right? But the worst because on Sunday we drove my sister, brother-in-law and my niece and nephews to the airport and had to say goodbye as they headed back across the ocean to their home.

They have been in America since the day Gideon was born.  For my baby's entire life they have been living here and getting to see him grow and getting to hang out.  It feels weird now.  It felt weird to have a baby and learn a new normal and they were a part of that new normal I found.  And now they are not here and my normal has changed again.  I guess that is how life goes?

I know they were excited to get back to their home and friends and jobs.  But we miss them.  My niece looked up at me at the airport and wanted me to promise her I would come visit.  That's the nice thing these days.  Really only a plane ride away.  And even though I have no idea when we would make that long trip to see them (especially with a baby), it is nice to know that we have that option.  And Skype.  Oh goodness, Skype is amazing.  I did promise her we could Skype everyday if she wanted.

And yes, that first picture is all the bags they took.  They had 18! And not just filled with things like clothing.  Um, there was a KitchenAid mixer in one of those.  And here is the weekend according to my iPhone (so basically all the happy pictures from the weekend):

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