21 June 2013

An ear-piercing adventure.

For months my sister has been trying to convince my niece to get her ears pierced.  She always said "no."  Which surprised us all since all of her friends have it done and don't we live in the age of "do what your friends are doing"?  I guess that just shows how much of her own person my niece really is.  Spunky, but cautious.  She always said it would hurt and that is why she didn't want to do it.  The same girl who watched them draw her blood at the doctor without a tear.  I made sure to point this out to her because I sure as heck get teary when they draw my blood and Taylor is required to hold my hand.  I told her if she can handle that she can easily get her ears pierced.  Still a "no."

Several months ago we were eating lunch at the mall right next to Claire's.  My mom pulled out a twenty dollar bill and told Olivia she could have it if she got her ears pierced.  I also told her I would buy her extra pairs of earrings if she got it done.  And the girl still said "no."  I mean $20 at 5 years old is a pretty big deal to turn down.  Twenty dollars at 25 years old and I wouldn't turn it down.  I would do it for quarters.  I love quarters.

So it was a surprise last week when my sister texted me saying O wanted to get them pierced and invited the "girls" (my mom, and sisters, and me) to come watch and then eat lunch.  Gideon was the only boy she said was invited. She looked a little afraid at first and squeezed her eyes shut tight while it happened, but not a tear was shed...by her anyways.  My sister bawled like a baby!

Beautiful girl! So proud of you.

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