20 June 2013

Celebrating Taylor.

I had so much fun getting ready for Taylor's first Father's Day.  Of course Pinterest makes it easy and has tons of ideas.  I just really wanted to do a few special things for him.  I took Gideon to the mall because I know Taylor had seen some shoes he wanted.  I held up two pairs (they were basically just different colors) and the one Gideon reached for is the pair I got for Taylor.

But I didn't want to stop there. Of course I didn't want to spend a ton of money either.  So I found this pin which was perfect because A) Taylor loves Reese's pieces. And B) I already had a small mason jar I could use. And the ones that didn't fit in the jar went in my mouth, for safe keeping!  I was going to make my own tag but why when Pinterest makes it so easy.  It just so happened once I printed and cut the tag, it fit perfectly on the top of the jar!

I also wanted to make something for his office.  He got a new and much bigger office a few months ago but is not really into the whole decorating-a-space thing.  His idea of decorating is a slew of Alabama banners, an Evil Kenevil bobble head and a Rocky poster.  All of which I banned from our home when we got married.  So needless to say there are no pictures in his office (except for three I printed and framed and brought to his office two years ago).  Enter Snapstagram.  They print Instagram pictures and send them to you.  What the what!  Genius. Because most of my pictures are on Instagram and I knew I could find a variety to print for his office.  Twelve prints for $6.  And they turned out so well.  I used a cork board I already had and some fun push pins I used in college to display them.  

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  1. Wow! What an awesome post. And thank you so much for choosing us to print your favorite memories! We love what you did with the prints on the cork board :)

    Thanks again!


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