19 June 2013

Wednesday Favorites.

1. That boy in yellow just above.

2. A post about what we moms can do for each other.

3. Almond M&Ms.  Crap you guys.  I ate a whole bag.  They are out of this world.

4. Splashing in Gideon's little pool with him.  He LOVES the water.

5. I made my own baby food! Proud of myself.

6. Snapstagram.  I used them to print some pictures for Father's Day. More on that tomorrow!

7. Love, love, love this camera bag.  Looking for one to carry my camera in especially as we travel to camp and the beach.

8. Love the idea of this summer bucket list. What a fun way to plan things as a family.  I will want to do this as Gideon gets older.

9. A post by my sister on what great dads do! She is a great writer and my bro-in-law is a great dad.

10. Getting to see Taylor in the middle of the day because he forgot his lunch and I decided to take it to him.

11. Summer rain.  It cools everything off, is fun to play in, and I get to wear my rainboots.

12. Caffeine free Pepsi.  Tastes the same as regular.  Wish I could say the same about caffeine free Coke, but no go.

13. Gideon saying "dada" and Taylor looking at him and saying, "yep, that's me."  Those two have my heart.

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