17 June 2013

Partying with G

I tried a million times (Or maybe three) to post this yesterday but it deleted every time and I was done at that point.  Needed to walk away.  Sorry that it is a day late!

Our baby is a party animal.  Or at least he was this past weekend.  I never thought that once I quit my job to stay home with a baby full-time that my life would get ten times busier than it was. Working 40 hours a week was a breeze compared to now.  And it is not just having a baby that makes it busy.  I don't know what has happened but our calendar exploded this year and every time I think we are close to some down time, it gets filled up again.  And with things that we can't and don't want to say no to.  So we partied it up hard this weekend and I'm afraid to say at the expense of Gideon's sleep.  But he is a champ of champs and loves being surrounded by people so he took all in stride and was really pleasant.  That kid.  Amazes me.

Ear-piercing party at the mall with my six-year old niece.  Birthday party for my niece and brother-in-law and graduation party for a student at our church who's family we are really close with.  And that was JUST Friday.  It was great to celebrate with everyone and to actually know that we CAN keep Gideon out past his 7:30 bedtime and he will be OK with it.  Not that I want to do it a ton, but it is nice to have that flexibility.

Saturday a really great friend of mine got married.  Paige and I go way back to the days of RAing in college.  Yes, I was an RA.  That's a different post for a different day. The wedding was a little over two hours from where we live so we decided to take Gideon with. His first wedding!  It was great until about 40 minutes in the car when he woke up and decided he did not want to be in his car seat anymore.  And I don't blame him. He is done and over with the car seat which makes long trips hard.  I always end up crawling in the backseat to calm and entertain him.  He was perfect during the ceremony and enjoyed the reception then back in the car to drive home.  He only slept a little on the way home and finally we put him in his crib around 10.  Thanks a lot night construction and cops with your lights on that slows traffic down.

Father's Day was awesome.  Spent spoiling Taylor and cooking out with my family.  And then home to do absolutely nothing.

No sign of slowing down around here.  I keep saying, "let's just get to the next month," but that always brings more holidays, birthdays, events, work things.  Never ending.

And the weekend according to my iPhone:

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